Pioneering Industry


The Chaimaa Group is one of Morocco’s dynamic and innovative global investment groups with a diverse and impressive portfolio comprising property development, building

and construction, education, building materials, manufacturing, tourism, event management, and food and beverage.

Property Development

Chaimaa Holding - Dubai 
Chaimaa Holding is one of Morocco’s largest groups operating in diverse economic sectors such as property development, education, tourism, events management and industry. By making profitable investments, our real estate division has transformed the landscape of Morocco by addressing and handling the various housing needs, i.e., construction, building materials, VRD (earthworks, civil engineering and remediation) property development. In addition to real estate and public works, Chaimaa Holding operates. We attribute our success to the 800 hardworking employees who strive to deliver quality to the end-users.

Building and Construction

The Société Maghrébine de Voiries et d’Assainissement SMVA, (Maghrebi company of Roads and sanitation) was conceptualised in 2009, and since then, the market shares ssteadily plummeted due to its professionalism and expertise, well known to local authorities and private companies.

Conceptualised in 2011, Construpro specialises in all building trades, ranging from building construction to finishing. Their reputation arises from their ability to master technical constraints concerning cost and time and provide quality service. What distinguishes them is their unique ability to handle complex projects - thanks to work synergies developed with other companies within the holding.

Building Materials

The BECOMAR is a Moroccan firm specialising in the production of slabs and blocks and the coating of bare joists. Conceptualised in 1994, the firm operated with a single production unit with a capacity exceeding 13,000 m2 per month. In 2004, the product range was optimised via a new division that specialised in the manufacture of prestressed concrete products, the capacity of which exceeds today, i.e., hui 18,000 linear meters per day. 

The following year, production capacity was increased via a third unit specialising in manufacturing interjoists, blocks and pavers. As a result, approximately 42,000 pieces are produced by BECOMAR every day. In 2009, the company reinforced its equipment fleet with a new investment in production machinery, thus achieving a daily production of approximately 18,000 linear meters per day.

2. Sicmaco
SICMACO was established in 1992, and it specialises in the manufacture of concrete and steel shaped products. Through the Certified ISO 9001 V 2000 since 2006, the firm provides renders technical and commercial tools that assist customers in optimising and gaining efficiency. SICMACO has more than ten production units with a concrete plant both based in Fez and Sadia. In addition to the quarry products (sand, Gravettes), SICMACO offers a rich range of construction products (prestressed floors, traditional flooring, chipboard, pavers, curbs and gardens) and sanitation products (nozzles, concrete and concrete pipes vibrated reinforced).

3. Argilux.   
Argilux was established in 1974, and it specialises in the manufacture and marketing of hollow bricks. Since its inception, the firm has built an excellent reputation, enabling it to bring together a remarkable portfolio of partners. Located in Oujda at KM 3 route, Ain Beni Mathar has more than 4 hectares of production capacity. In addition, Argilux handles the delivery, ensuring deliveries under the best conditions and as quickly as possible. The firm delivers its products to most major Moroccan cities to meet the country’s need for building products while participating in Morocco’s economic and social development and the eastern region where the brickyard is located.


Henrie Matiss Group  
The Henri Matisse Group accelerates and strengthens the educational sector by providing education in teaching and learning from kindergarten to primary and high school. It is a private Moroccan educational institution composed of two schools in Ain Saba and Oulfa, i.e., Henrie Matiss Ain Sebaa and Henrie Matiss Oulfa. Further planning calls for the development to build several schools (including French type missions) in most major cities of Morocco.

Industrial Foods

The brand ENNASR ALIMENTAIRE AFRIQUAINE was established in 1996 and started production in 2017. The firm specialises in producing apricot jams, strawberries and olives in the local Moroccan market. Given the local demand, the company decided to extend the unit and diversification of its products by building new premises and investing in new cutting-edge equipment generation. The production of glucose sugar preparation in 2021 is a pledge of wholesale and retail customers’ product diversity and satisfaction, traditional and modern.

Tourism and Event

1. Oujda Voyage
Since its inception in 1987, Oujda Travel formed network of travel agencies in Oujda, Marrakech, and Casablanca. These agencies offer an extensive range of services such as air and sea ticketing, hotel and car reservations, various excursions and tours throughout Morocco, tours of imperial cities, exploration of South Morocco, hiking the Atlas Mountains, camel rides, as well as world travel, particularly Haj and Umrah (pilgrimage to Mecca).

2. RLC Event
Established in 2013, RLC “Red Life Communication” is an Expert in event marketing consulting and the staging of media events. In an ever-changing environment, the firm continuously anticipates and implements necessary tools and services to produce creative incentive programmes, spectacular events, and perfectly executed meetings and conventions in Morocco. In addition, RLC has a good experience and reputation in foreign countries by organising events in Mauritania, Senegal, Gambia, Guinea, Ghana, and the Ivory Coast.

Food and Beverage 

Groupo PEPE
The Pepe Group has partners who have experience in various gastronomic fields such as International cuisine and product cuisine, with multiple restaurants in Morocco since 2019. Neo Casablanca is one of our new signature restaurants is that offers fine dining and a purely unique gastronomical experience. Customer satisfaction and unique experience is our primary focus. We are capable of delivering the best because of the robust work structure, collaboration, teamwork, and authentic local produce. 

Optical Industry

Multi Lens
Founded in 1999, MULTI LENS Industries specialises in manufacturing, importing, distributing ophthalmic lenses, treating optical lenses, and semi-finished lens surfacing. MultiLens is headquartered in Casablanca, where the branches are located in the vital cities of the kingdom.


In 2022, Chaimaa Holding has expanded into the healthcare industry with two multi-disciplinary hospitals. Ibn Sina Hospital in Fez will accommodate 120 beds, and the Clinic De La Mecque in Casablanca will house 130 beds with eight surgery operating theatres.