Construction Update
for Chaimaa Avenue II

May 2022 -  

The building of Chaimaa Avenue II in Dubai's cosmopolitan and family community, Jumeirah Village Circle, has evolved and progressed tremendously. The construction team's endeavours have made significant and outstanding progress through the stages of construction. The project is approaching its completion with anticipated delivery in Q4, 2022.

The project is nearing completion as essential milestones are met. Thanks to the engineers' and other team members' technical expertise, the building schedule is on track. The significant works completed are waterproofing, aluminium work, light fittings, sanitary wares, facade lighting, adult and children's swimming pools, sauna, and garbage chute. Additionally, elevators, wooden doors, and vanity counters have been successfully installed.

The construction crew worked relentlessly and efficiently to bring a vision to life. To ensure on-time delivery, the team members plan and monitor the construction timetable so that the end consumers can live an active lifestyle in their smart homes with European decor and furnishings.