Driving Portfolio Growth
in Healthcare and Tourism

February 2022 -  

Chaimaa Holding has devised a robust strategy to uncover growth prospects and identify new revenue streams by venturing into diverse sectors like tourism and healthcare. The advantage of economies of scale and sizeable operational scale has allowed the firm to keep ahead of the fast-changing world. As a result, the firm is responsive to the changing market trends and identifies new paths to growth.

Chaimaa Holding has been operating in various sectors, including real estate and investments, building and construction, food and beverage, industrial foods, education, and the optical industry. In addition, by anticipating the changing market needs and demographics, the new businesses in the tourism and healthcare sectors have created value for the entire enterprise.

In 2022, the firm expanded into the healthcare industry with two multi-disciplinary hospitals. Ibn Sina Hospital in Fez will accommodate 120 beds, and the Clinic De La Mecque in Casablanca will house 130 beds with eight surgery operating theatres. The Oujda Voyage and RLC Events are the tourism firms established and operated by Chaimaa Holding in Morocco.